Your car life cycle can go on!
Recycle it with the utmost benefit and utmost respect for environment.

Since April 2021, RISYMET P.C. invests in the field of end-of-life vehicles (E.L.V.) recycling, having become a collection and recycling vehicle center, certified by the official Greek EPR system for end-of-life vehicles management (EDOE).

Vehicle Collection Center (E.L.V.)

Metamorphosis, Athens

Vehicle Recycling Center (E.L.V.)

Avlonas, Attica

Having a new, modern unit for processing, decontamination and recycling of vehicles, we recycle your old car with fast, certified procedures, acting upon its final deletion of registration and we provide you with the necessary legal evidence documents of its destruction – complete deletion of registration.

Give value to your old vehicle and receive the maximum possible benefit from its recycling, contributing at the same time to the protection of the environment.

Our company recycles all types of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons.

Authorised Member


The obligations of the vehicle owner are limited to the submission of the necessary documents, as our company undertakes all the necessary procedures.

The procedure followed is simple.

Please, contact us for more details. We are at your disposal for any clarification or further information.



Contact us for any further information or clarification.
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